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WallThe professional landscape crews at Nature’s Enhancement, Inc. take great pride in our hardscape installations.  We are pleased to offer our customers a vast selection of material that will blend with the current surroundings, offer low maintenance, and have practical use.  Pathways are installed to correct grade, and designed with the intended function in mind.  Numerous colors, textures, and sizes of material can be chosen based on conditions of the site.


A signature aspect of many of our customized projects is our installation of rock walls.  Our walls stand the test of time and have enhanced many project sites.  Our crews have the ability to create small border walls as well as large retaining walls.  Retaining walls are a necessity to prevent landscapes from eroding, and provide a unique touch to the project.  Many different styles and colors can be chosen to incorporate the style of the building site, home, and overall landscape look.  In all of our rock walls, specific pieces are carefully selected to fit in proportion to each other.  When our walls are completed, the look is one of amazement, with blended pieces that fit and conform to each other to build a solid frame.     Boulders


Boulders are added to break up flat landscape sites and increase dimension.  Many sizes can be utilized to give the project site a natural flow.  Some even serve dual purposes - to mark out addresses or create visual entrances for a long driveways.  Our talented crews hand select every boulder for its intended home on the project site.


WaterfallPatios add a finished look to the project site, as well as offer many uses for outdoor entertainment.  Many features can be incorporated in this usable space.  From family barbeques to relaxing tea on a sunny afternoon, Nature’s Enhancement can create the perfect environment for all outdoor uses.      


For customized sites, staircases can be constructed to add another form of landscape luxury.  Spiraling staircases can be intertwined to bring an exquisite look as well as provide function.  Stairs can be made out of different materials, such as rock to match other areas of the natural landscape or out of wood to match the building.