Wholesale Nursery Division

Nature's Enhancement, Inc.'s wholesale nursery division is centrally located in the Rocky Mountain region.  Container and Ball and Burlap plants are grown on our 40-acre property.  Our nursery is well known for its quality and great selection of native and hardy plants to the region.  As a service to our customers, we offer a wide variety of sizes ranging from a one-gallon container to large caliper trees (6-8 inches and up, 35 feet) and shrubs.  This simplifies the ordering process by offering a "one-stop" service for all your project and plant material needs.


Nature's Enhancement, Inc. also has the ability to custom grow plants for your nursery and installation needs.  Over the past 21 years, we have completed over 2,000 projects of various sizes, from private landowners to acting as the primary plant supplier for the highway and land improvements made to Salt Lake City, Utah in preparation for the 2002 Olympics.


In addition to growing plants in Montana, Nature's Enhancement has access to several growing fields throughout the western region.  This allows our knowledgeable nursery staff to offer suggestions on plants that thrive in your specific conditions, as well as put together custom orders from a variety of different sources.

Photos from the nursery