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Restoration Services

Many successful restoration projects have been implemented by Nature’s Enhancement crews. Our knowledgeable staff has extensive experience taking projects from the design stage to installation and through to project completion.  Upon completing a project, we monitor to ensure that our techniques were successful and that the outcome meets our customer's expectations. We have worked with issues including poor soil, dry conditions, erosion control, stabilization, and wildlife browse problems.  After assessing the problems and considering our client's needs and ideas, we find a solution that works for the site.

Our sales staff works closely with project designers to offer suggestions on appropriate plant selections for the conditions of the site. Often times Nature’s Enhancement becomes the designer for these sites. Our wholesale nursery can further assist projects by custom growing or providing these required plants.


Through use of our customized designs and appropriate plant material, Nature’s Enhancement, Inc., has restored numerous streambanks and areas altered by running water. Plants used on our projects have varied from large scale cutting production from localized plants to installing native cottonwoods up to 8 inch caliper (approximately 30 feet tall) for immediate fish habitat and animal cover.  


Our services have also assisted in restoring sites that have been disturbed by construction. Nature’s Enhancement crews have come in after major highway expansions to recreate the natural beauty of the original sites. Many of our custom projects have also aided in bringing back the native environments that were changed due to the creation of new subdivisions and building sites.

Many of our projects have involved the creation of natural ponds and waterways through existing natural flows on the site. These can include waterfalls or stream enhancements that improve both the quality of the water use on the site and visual effect.